Monday, February 21, 2011

have Your way.

the past week has been about surrender. or re-surrender. whatever you want to call it.

i have felt the need to continue telling Him that i am His. i am open. i am willing. and i want to be obedient.

that i lay my life at His feet. that he can have His way with me. it's truly what i want. and i really can honestly say that i trust He is better than ANYTHING.

usually, i feel like moments like this (of complete surrender) surface when a big step is coming up, a big decision, a future change, etc. but, there is nothing extravagant coming up for me [that i know of]. i am just reminded that yet again, even in the mundane/routine life i'm living right now, He still wants ALL OF ME. He still wants to use me. He still wants His glory made known through me.

we only find our freedom
here on our knees
we are yours
we are yours

it's true. our joy and our freedom only come when we are His. fully His. and to be His, we must lay ourselves down.

and i will continue failing at this. but i will also continue giving myself to Him. this process is never easy. it never comes naturally.

Here i am. [all of me]