Saturday, August 22, 2009

the u.s. of a.

Wow. I'm in Birmingham. I can't believe I've been home for a week. Now that I've seen everyone, had some good meals, and slept in a comfortable bed.... I'm ready to keep traveling. But, I can't. I'm here for atleast 2 1/2 years.

The first few days back were like a dream. I felt like I had never left (which I didn't like). I was able to see my parents, friends, and of course Wicklow. The weekend in Auburn flew by and before I knew it I was in my new house in Birmingham. About day 4 is when everything started to hit me. Exhaustion. Culture Shock. Missing my fellow DTS-ers. I'm really missing everyone. And I'm SO jealous that everyone is traveling/relaxing right now. Knowing that makes sitting in the classroom all day way worse than it already is. It's so hard to go from relationships with people being the most important part of my life to school overtaking my life. My first week was overwhelming to say the least. As of right now I have no idea how I will survive this semester. The class load and work load is more than I thought possible. Very scary. I literally do not feel like I can do this. BUT, here is what I'm clinging to....I KNOW that I am in His will right now. He will pull me through this if it's His plan. It is only by His grace and provision that I made it into this program, so He will help me through it. He wants me to succeed. I have to take this one step at a time. I cannot look ahead at EVERYTHING that needs to be done but instead I must focus on the task directly in front of me. I am fixing my eyes on Him and trusting His hand to direct me. OT is an amazing profession built around loving and caring for people. One day I will be able to bless and serve people ANYwhere with these skills. I will stick it out and although I know there will be times where I'll want to quit, I will remember that it is only by Him that I am here in the first place. I am believing that His favor is upon me.

Apart from the negatives, I was overwhelmed by how GOOD God is this week. As He promised, He has already come before me. He was here way before I got here. He prepared a way for me and I was able to witness that this week. The whole week I felt like God was saying, "Katy, I told you so." He is good. SO good. I just love Him.

My new house and roomie is GREAT. Seriously, I love it. The house is precious and so nice. I've already fallen in love with Hayden. She and I will be best friends soon. I have atleast 10 friends within a mile radius of me, which is so fun. And it has been so good being in the same city as a few of my best friends from college. I'm excited to live life (in the same city) with these friends again. The question is, will I have time for a social life? I'm a little worried about that. All in all, Birmingham really is great. It will be hard but I know I'll love it.

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  1. plus, your teacher totally likes africans. so legit. He obviously has you taken care of... :)