Thursday, April 28, 2011

moving right along.

Today was HUGE for me. After 2 years of...

Thinking I could never do it.
Fighting His plan.
DOUBTING His plan.
Feeling completely inadequate.

I MADE IT!!! I am finished with the 'classroom'. No more assignments, tests, presentations, powerpoints, etc. EVER. It's over. The remainder of my time in graduate school will be spent doing 'hands on' learning, aka fieldwork rotations. For those who have followed me through this process, you know it's been a struggle to stick with it. But, THE DAY IS HERE. Wow. That's all I can say.

As I look behind me and in front of me, I am blown away by what His hand has done and what His hand is doing. I've been reflecting on these last 2 years a lot and through this, I am reminded of how trustworthy, faithful, sovereign, and just plain ole good God is. To see the way His hand has worked... it's just not really believable. I could have never guessed what He had in store. To think of the multiple friendships formed, the heart He has given me for Haiti, and the opportunities He has placed in my lap... wow. I am SO excited for what's to come.

It hasn't been an easy 2 years, but He has challenged me and shaped me in multiple ways. And as I stand on the brink of something big, concluding yet another season of my life, I wonder how I could've questioned Him. This life is His. And even after all the mistakes I've made and the opportunities I've missed, He has made it [and is making it] into something beautiful. But, how foolish am I?! Of course He is! My purpose here is His glory and everything about His glory is beautiful.

He deserves all of my praise.

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