Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well here I am, in Bali, sitting in an internet cafe. It's HOT. That's an understatement. But, I feel very blessed to be here and see this beautiful country. We are living at a YWAM base and working a lot with children. We are partnering with a local church, Compassion International, and the YWAM base. It's very cool to actually see and work with the children so many of us sponsor. These children are being raised up to be the future leaders and break the cycle of poverty. As I was sitting in a classroom yesterday afternoon looking at the beautiful Balinese children I was overwhelmed with joy and love for these future leaders. I was proud of them and the way they soaked in all the information the teacher was giving them. It's almost like I was able to see them through the eyes of my Father. Cool.

There are several streets kids that come by the base in the afternoons and we are able to hang out, play games, and teach them english. Last night a few of us went to a language class and were able to have conversation with young adults learning english. I loved this. I loved getting to talk and learn about each other's worlds, the differences and similarities in the cultures. Today we went up into the mountains with around 250 youth from the church for a picnic. It was about a 2 hour drive and the traffic here is insane. That's an understatement. There are 20 times more scooters than cars and no rules what so ever. Scary. But, once we got there we set up in this beautiful park. It's very tropical here...beautiful multi-colored flowers, coconut trees, and very green grass. It was an enjoyable afternoon of worship (in their language), relay races, and capture the flag.

Bali is 95% Hindu. As I walk down the street I am constantly stepping over offerings filled with incence to the many gods of Hinduism. It breaks my heart. The architecture, statues, and temples everywhere reveal Bali to be a very dark, heavy, and spiritual place. One thing the Lord is reminding me is that He is alive here even if it is hard to see by just walking through the streets. There is a community of Christians and although it is small, it is strong. I am thankful for them. This is His nation and we are here to claim it for Him. He made these beautiful people, He knows them, He loves them. Maybe they don't acknowledge Him...but He's here. It's really easy to be overwhelmed by how many people do not know God but rather are constantly working for many gods, constantly trying to please something that doesn't exist. It's sad. But, I am reminded that when just one person comes to know Him all of heaven rejoices. We are trying to be His hands and feet. I can't do it without Him. I am powerless without the Holy Spirit.

Those are a few thoughts for now. Peace out from Indonesia.


  1. LOVE it katy. keep posting. i miss you! but reading about your experiences helps :) sounds amazing. can't wait to hear more. love you.

  2. loved reading this and getting visuals of you in this place. Praise God for making Katy and enabling her with her beautiful gifts to serve you in such sweet ways.

    love you so much sister