Thursday, May 14, 2009

what's your dream?

This week, our final week of lectures, Joseph Watson (from Nashville!) has been speaking on Destiny/Calling/Vision.  His friendliness, energy, creativeness, and intentional heart and desire to see us FREE has been incredible.  He is filled with the Spirit and has SO much good stuff to impart to us.  He is stirring up what God has put in us.  He has reminded me to LET God love me.  To throw off the boxes the world is constantly putting us in.  To expose the lies of who we think we are.  To remind me that I am in His family.  I am a daughter of the King and just being born pleased Him.   Joseph has reminded me of my glorious inheritance.  Joseph is a huge dreamer.  It's inspiring.  Yesterday he gave us the following question to answer:

If it doesn't matter how much it costs and you knew God would say 'yes' to ANY dream, what would you ask Him for?

Fun question isn't it?  Joseph started sharing his creative, detailed answer which consisted of this multi-million dollar fine arts center, including 4 amazingly designed buildings with a marble fountain in the center, in several countries all around the world.  My immediate reaction to this was REALLY?!  Are you kidding?  That's not possible, it's not reality.  BUT, this was a reflection of my little, doubting faith.  Isn't it so normal to think like this?  To immediately think this would never happen.  Quit thinking in a box.  The same reason I reacted to Joseph's dream is the same reason I've never dreamed as big as I could.  The size of the dreams in my life are a reflection of who I think God is in my life.  Now that I know this, I'm dreaming BIG.  I always thought dreaming big was being selfish and materialistic when really He is the one who has put them in me.  He is a LOVING Father.  He loves enjoyment and entertainment.  He loves to play.  I was created to change the world and I can't change it unless I dream big!  I don't know about you but I want to be mighty in the kingdom of heaven.  I have to throw off the world's thinking and let Him reveal your dreams to me.  It would be lazy to say I don't have dreams, we all dream (Joel2:28).  A common question about dreams is 'what if the dream isn't from God?'  Check the motivation behind the dream.  Is it to further the kingdom? 

Yesterday we shared our dreams verbally.  We prayed over each others dreams and encouraged each other in these dreams.  When you share verbally you are taking a step of faith and claiming how big our God is.  Dreaming is worship to Him.  He wants to hear what He created us to enjoy!  He put it in us.  It delights Him.  So many times we wait on God to give us a word before we open the door when in reality He is waiting on us to take the step of faith.  He will continue opening doors.  Keep on walking forward.  Keep striving to achieve your dreams.  God is more excited about our dreams than we are.  Also, as a family, as brothers and sisters, we should be the most encouraging people in the world.  Don't doubt!  Tell people about your dreams and if they don't doubt it they will probably add to it and make it bigger and better.  The more fingerprints involved in a dream, the better.  SHARE dreams.  Stir each other up.  There is SO much potential in all of us.  Habbakuk 2:2 says that "though it linger, wait for it".  It's in His timing.  Money is just digits to Him.  Believe in Him and hold on to it.  The key to unlocking dreams is how you see yourself, SO start seeing yourself the way God see's you.  Dreaming is fun.  I have big dreams.

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