Wednesday, May 27, 2009

i lean, i lean, i lean

A lot has happened in the past few days. Monday was our day off so two of our new Indonesian friends (Agung and Rafon) took us to two different beaches, one on the east coast and one on the west coast. The first was a little cove called Blue Lagoon. We relaxed in the sun and snorkeled. It was amazing. The second beach was very different, it was one of the hottest surf spots in Bali. It was at base of big cliffs, and absolutely beautiful. So we had a really relaxing day and for a few moments it felt like I was on a real vacation. Haha, it was a nice break.

So yesterday we were back into ministry. I woke up with a bad attitude, so hot and tired, but in my time with God I was reminded that in my weakeness He is strong. His power is made PERFECT in my weakness. Hallelujah. We helped clean the YWAM base here in Bali because the first DTS in three years starts next week. The base was formerly owned by a Muslim and Hindu family. Frieda (our YWAM contact) told us that they often feel spiritually attacked while in this building. The base needs a lot of prayer. After cleaning me, Emrie, Rachelle, and Andrew went to work with a Street Kids Ministry. This was my favorite childrens ministry we have done. It was in an extremely poor area of Bali, the poorest I have seen here and worked in a small, dark, square room with about 30 kids from that area. We sang songs for them, played games, and just talked with them. These are the kids who have never received the love they deserve, kids who cling to you and never want you to let go because they have never had anyone show them love like this. My heart just aches for these children. I was reminded of my time spent in the Kibera slums of Kenya. It is a good but HARD reminder of poverty and brokenness all over the world. Too often I think I deserve to be comfortable...I do not have rights! What do they do to deserve to live like this?

Today a few of us went into the hospital. We were able to meet and pray over 3 seperate patients and their families. First was a little 8 year old boy with two brain tumors, he could not talk, see or speak. When we were praying over him I really felt like we were FIGHTING for him. All 4 of us were on our knees with hands layed on him. We wanted so badly for him to be healed. I know that sickness is NOT from the Lord. I know that as a daughter of the King I have authority. As we've been going through the book of Acts I've seen how normal it was for Peter and John to preform miracles. I wish we could have seen this child walk, but I guess it wasn't God's plan yet. I don't really understand this but I do trust Him. Although he wasn't immediately healed it was an amazing experience. The Spirit was in us, we were fighting for this boy, and it was evident. I will never forget this.

I have really felt like I have been needed and used the past 2 days here. Loving the poor and praying for the sick is what this is all about. It's what makes me excited. It's what points me to Jesus.

We only have one more week in Bali and then I will be headed to Taiwan, crazy.

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