Saturday, July 25, 2009

caleb and joshua.

Today I rode elephants in Thailand.  Maybe a little overrated, but totally worth all the pictures.  I was also able to hang out with daddy tiger and baby tiger...war eagle.  Good day.  I've always wanted to ride elephants in Thailand.  I mean you can't come all the way here and know?

We basically have 2 days of ministry left!  I can't believe it.  We will head to Koh Samet for 4 days of debriefing and relaxing on the beach.  And then it's off to Israel to meet back up with the other 45 staff and students.  I'll be hanging out in the Holy Land for 2 weeks until I head back to America the Great.  Crazy. Wow. What in the world?

One more thing, this week me and Emrie spent a lot of time in prayer over our return home.  We are both a little nervous about re-entering.  But, I have been given such peace and excitement about home.  Mainly I have learned this week to be like Caleb and Joshua.  Courageous.  Confident.  Knowing that my Father is the most powerful being in existence.  I will not be "calmed down" or "mellowed out" by the many people pushing me towards excellence in the world's eyes.  I will continue having faith that God can change the world through me.  Courage like David, Daniel, Jonah, Noah, Caleb, and Joshua.  They all lived fearlessly, knowing that God will come through.  The reality is that as we grow older we become more cowardly.  But instead of being told that this is cowardly we are told this is "responsible."  We have all these dreams but people begin telling us to 'get a job, settle down,'  or  'it's time to be responsible.'  But where in scriptures is this so called responsible lifestyle mentioned?  We are to encourage each other, spur one another on towards our dreams, and pray for more boldness.  Basically, I never want my dreams of changing the world to be watered down.  I don't ever want to lose sight of this mighty God I have who has an amazing plan for me, who created me to rely solely on Him,  and to bring glory to His name.  He has called me, and each one of us, to do great things and it is my desire to fulfill His plan.

Enjoy the pictures from today...

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  1. still super proud of you and can't wait for your return. you don't understand how excited i am to see you soon. love you!! miss U