Sunday, July 5, 2009


I am going to attempt to update you on everything that has been going on here.  It has been WONDERFUL.  We are being used for His glory and it is very cool to feel purposeful in fulfilling His plan.  I have never in my life felt more grounded in who I am in Christ.  Here is a little of what my life looks like right now...

Everyday we wake up early for breakfast.  We usually have a team meeting to pray for the day.  Since I am in charge of food during our outreach, every few days I will go to the market with Rose.  This is always an experience.  WARNING: Never go to the market with a sensitive stomach.  At the market you will find pig heads, feet, legs, cow intestines (and every part possible), chickens (dead and alive), hanging from ropes.  Always covered with flies.  The smells are unreal.  We buy fruits, rice, beans, and this meat that I described from different vendors.  FUN.

In the mornings we either head to different villages for a prayer walk or to visit church members.  We are also always given a bit of time to prepare for our classes we teach every afternoon.  In the afternoons we go into villages and straight up present the gospel to people.  A couple of us will go with a translator to wherever Jesus leads us.  This usually entails telling people who literally have never heard about Jesus the whole story of how and why He died on the cross for us.  This sounds like it would be easy.  But, it is difficult trying to simplify the gospel.  There is SO MUCH to tell them about Jesus and His character and there is never enough time.  This is real though.  I love it.  No sugar coating, this is it.  This is what being a disciple is, stripped down to the basics, in the middle of villages, sharing good news to people.  WOW.  

After evangelism we break into our pairs and head to our schools to teach Bible and English.  Mandie and I cram on the back of a motor bike for a 30 minute ride to Samaroang Village.  I never thought I would enjoy teaching, but I love it.  I actually enjoy having my own children, classroom, and chalkboard.  We are loving our children and we work very good together.  It is such a cool opportunity to educate while at the same time sharing Jesus with them.  We come home just in time for dinner, usually some card games (NERTS!), and a time of worship and sharing with the team.  So, that's a little of what our daily schedule looks like here.  Life in Cambodia is good.  Really good.   

God is teaching me so much.  The other day, I was preparing to give the Bible lesson to my class.  As I was re-reading and breaking down the story of Moses and the burning bush, God definitely spoke to me through this story I've read and heard since I was a child.  I always love being reminded of how God used such an ordinary man (Moses) to fulfill a huge purpose of setting His people free.  In Exodus 4, Moses tells the Lord that he is not eloquent, and that his speech is not good.  But God still says, "NOW GO; I WILL HELP YOU SPEAK AND WILL TEACH YOU WHAT TO SAY."  But, Moses still doesn't go, and begs God to send someone else to do it.  The Lord was angry with Moses but He doesn't leave Moses standing in the dark, He doesn't give up on Him.  God sends Moses' brother and basically they tag team it.  I love this because I always feel lacking in the communication department.  I never feel like I have the right words.  I want to learn to believe and trust that when I am given a task that seems impossible He will fill my mouth with words.  But, it is also cool to know that when I have little faith and fail to trust, He will never leave me hanging.  He is a good God.  I love that.  

Every individual we talk to asks us to pray for rain.  This is supposed to be their rainy season but it is very dry.  They NEED the rain for rice and crops.  The need it to survive.  What they don't realize is that God is here is Cambodia.  His Spirit is moving. The other night we were worshiping on the porch (the clouds here are unbelievable and every night the skies are usually filled with electrical storms).  His power was being revealed to us through nature. The cool breeze reminded me of the sweet presence of my Maker and I cannot describe how refreshing it was.  We were asking God to rain down, physically and spiritually over this land.  It began raining!  He definitely made His presence known.  I pray that the veils will be removed from their faces.  I pray for a revival in Cambodia.  

During worship, as I was looking onto the land of Cambodia, I was also reminded of how tiny I am and how HUGE the universe is.  BUT that even though we are SO TINY and SO WEAK, He still wants to use us in HUGE ways.  He wants US to fulfill His HUGE plan. We are His vessels.   When we go to villages to evangelize there is such a sense of urgency.  I want these people to hear the gospel before life is gone.  They need God to make himself known to them and the way He does this may be through us.  My faith is building daily because of constantly speaking out and telling people about the Jesus I have come to know and love.  

I watched the movie Into The Wild the other day.  I LOVED it.  I could probably post 10 more blogs on the movie and my thoughts that came with it.  But, I won't.  If you haven't seen it, watch it.  

We had a little 4th of July celebration.  I bought fireworks in the market that resembled and sounded more like missiles.  The police did show up which made it feel like a true American holiday.  God Bless America.  I love my country.  

One more week in Kampong Thom, then w're heading to our 4th and final outreach destination....Thailand!

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