Friday, March 12, 2010

come Lord Jesus...

The 5 of us are in Atlanta. This is crazy. I mean God is seriously about to rock this. The moment we all arrived tonight I could feel the Holy Spirit. He has appointed us, called us by name. There are only 5. But, this is right. It feels complete. We were able to spend a couple hours hearing from God together. And no words can explain the excitement that is within us. The EXPECTANCY is great. We are expecting big things, but NOT for our glory. We know and believe that His power is real and with this attitude we are going down there. There is NOTHING I can do. But HE who is in me will do it ALL. We are His vessels. His hands and feet. I can feel the desparity in the 5 of us. Hunger. Deep hunger. For HIS will only. His glory only. His face ONLY. I am consumed and I want to be more consumed.

As we go to Haiti we all feel like we will be in the midst of spiritual warfare. Darkness. We will hit a rough place. But He is greater. He is light. We feel like the Holy Spirit is about to do something huge. Miracles. Healings. Dreams. Visions. We don't know. But, God is going to "pour out His Spirit" (Acts 2:17). Please be praying for us. For complete dependency on Him. For safety. For guidance. For more love. More wisdom. For HIS GLORY TO BE MADE KNOWN.

Brandy may have done a better job at capturing this beautiful night...

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