Tuesday, March 23, 2010

good week.

One more post on Haiti...

Haiti is filled with hope and joy. It may be the the poorest country I have seen, but JESUS IS THERE. Don't get me wrong, the need is TREMENDOUS. The country is literally in rubble. They need us. They need hands, they need love, they need to know that we have not forgotten them. To speak of the earthquake as being a "blessing" blows my mind. I will never forget walking into the church Sunday morning to thousands of Haitian's crying out to and praising God. They love their Savior. They are thankful for life. They are desperate for God. Where is that desperation among the American church? Isn't it funny how I can be jealous of the life of a person living in a third world country? They come to know Him in such a different way than us (westerners). I want to literally depend on Him for EVERY need. I want to be forced to cling to God. Sometimes I really think I can do it on my own. And in countries like Haiti, God is all they have to cling to. I know its hard. To feel helpless but to see how God provides for His children is worth it. I want to know Him like the Haitians know Him.

Below are a few of my favorite pictures from the week. Enjoy.

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