Friday, June 19, 2009

goodbye taiwan.

So, our time in Taiwan is finished.  I am in the Bangkok airport on my way to Cambodia.  We will have a few days of ministry there and then a 4 day break.  I am ready and excited for this little "holiday" where we will be staying at a hotel in a town called Siem Reap.  I'm hoping to relax in the pool most of the day.  Jeremy (one of the school leaders) met us today in the airport and will be spending about a week with us.  It is SO good to see him.  Definitely think he's going to bring a lot of life and fun to the team.

Yesterday we went on a prayer walk around the city of Danshui. We started at the university there and prayed for the students who are the future leaders of Taiwan.  We also walked through streets known for there brothels and gangs.  As we were praying I was just claiming everything as His.  Very cool to know that I do have the authority to do that.  Next we went into a huge Taoist temple.  This was crazy.  My initial reaction was how glad I am to know the truth and freedom that Jesus offers and that I don't have to work for any of it.  I know that what I believe is the only way. We prayed around the temple and it was just a really cool feeling to know who I am.  We all felt that just our presence in that place made the enemy flee.  I guess I experienced a little taste of my authority in Him.  BUT, then I felt this heaviness.  I was broken for the people in the temple bowing, burning incense and money, and offering food to the gods.  I know that all of this breaks God's heart.  He is so jealous for these people.  He has created them and He longs for them to acknowledge Him.  Very cool but heartbreaking experience. 

The day before we went to a nursing home.  Don't even worry that they asked us to massage the patients.  Wow, this was funny.  Oh Asia...

Oh, Taiwan.  I'll miss Ling and Myi who were are precious translators.  I'm going to miss the amazing slushes and milk teas.  I will not miss walking up the huge hill from the train station and then another 6 flights of stairs to our apartment.  I'm thankful for people like Rebecca who have a heart for the specific country of Taiwan and have moved there long term.  I will not miss the smell of stinky tofu in the streets.  I was very thankful for the AC in our room.  BUT... I am glad to be moving on to the next country.  I'm very excited about Cambodia and then Thailand.  I can't believe we have finished 2 countries.  Prayers are still greatly needed as we need increased focus and more energy.

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