Sunday, June 7, 2009

oh happy day...

As you know, I am in Taiwan now.  I am going to admit that I was least excited about this outreach location.  I don't know why.  I guess I just never thought I would come here.  But, I freaking LOVE this place.  I had no expectations.  Although we have only been here a few days I am in love.  I've never been anywhere like this.  I wouldn't say it's nice...kind of dirty and 70s looking...if that makes any sense at all.  But there is something really appealing about all the little streets, scooters, vendors, and the asian people.   It's crazy to see Mandarin symbols everywhere!  No words at all.  A little frustrating trying to order anything or even using the internet.  Pictures are what I am relying on.  Most of the food has been amazing.  The only complaint are the weird smells as you walk down the streets.  The most potent/worst smell in the world is a food known as "stinky tofu."  Sick.  We are living on the 6th floor of an apartment-like building (SO fun carrying our HUGE backpacks up 6 flights of stairs...ha).  We walk EVERYWHERE here which is great!  I need the exercise, especially after all the greasy food.

The city we are in is called Danshui.  It's about 30 minutes outside of Taipei with about .3% Christians (yes thats a POINT three percent).  Other popular religions here are Chinese Taoism, Buddhism, and ancestry worship.  YWAM has a lot of ministries here.  The Rock is one YWAM ministry we will be working with every night.  It's a coffee shop in the center of the city.  It is open every night and offers free drinks.  Locals come in to hang out, build relationships, and to learn and practice english.  It's been open 13 years, while the other buildings around it are constantly going through new owners/shops.  That is a testimony to the city in and of itself.  When your foundation is built upon "the rock," it is strong in the Lord.  A YWAMer from Wisconsin runs the shop and has lived here for 8 years.  It's really cool to see her completely devoted to sharing the gospel with the Taiwanese people.

Saturday was AMAZING.  I felt like we accomplished so much.  It was a day completely filled with ministry.  I felt so used, so filled with the Spirit, and completely in His will.  We partnered with a local church.  In the morning we broke into groups with a few congregation members and went out to share the gospel.  It is SO needed here.  We talked to many people.  I felt really submerged in Taiwanese culture.  They are so hospitable, and all about respect and honor.  After lunch we went to an after school program that a group randomly came across that morning.  The head of program is a Christian but the program is not.  She told us that she had been trying to figure out a way to present the gospel to these children.  It was EXACTLY God's plan and timing.  We were able to do dramas, songs, games, and present the gospel.  They were SO receptive and I really felt like they understood our message.  Many hands were raised as the question 'does anyone want to ask Jesus into their heart?' was asked.  Very cool.  PTL (praise the Lord).  We also did our first open air today complete with dramas, testimonies, songs, etc.  The Holy Spirit was there and working.  Again, I was reminded that this was EXACTLY where God wanted us.  He was moving.  I know He is moving when the hairs on my arms are constantly standing up (ha, weird?).

I'm really loving the new Hillsong United CD.  Lyrics are so good. 

Declaring "God of this City" over this place all day.




Asia is FUNNY.  Am I really here?  

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  1. this might have to be my favorite post. i love you so so much