Saturday, April 25, 2009

ruined for the ordinary

I am excited about this week.  Mark Parker is speaking on the topic of "Lordship."  He is the most passionate/all over the place speaker I've ever listened to, and I LOVE it.  I laugh constantly.  He is one of those in your face people who is not afraid of the Truth.  He's blunt and I love it.  I know I am going to learn and be challenged so much.  So, here is some stuff I'm dealing with right now...

What I'm still longing for is PASSION!  The more desperate for Him I am, the more I will see His power.  I long to see His power.   I don't know enough about Him and I long to know Him more.  When you are hungry, He will come.  We shouldn't wait to be moved to move.  The harvest is ripe but the workers are few.  He wants men and women who will ACKNOWLEDGE Him.

"Lordship" is the authority of a lord.  Who is going to be my master?  Who is going to lead my life?  Will I go anywhere for Him?  ANYWHERE?!  I love the concept of being RADICALLY OBEDIENT.  Thats what I want.  I think I really do want to go anywhere He leads me.  Scary? Yes.

A big thing I've been learning is to not go looking/digging inside of myself for sin.  I think so often we dig and dig for the "bad" that needs to come out of our lives and we become so wrapped up in this that we miss the big picture!  I should first and foremost look for Him.  Seek Him.  Know Him.  I shouldn't look inward but look desperately for God.  The Holy Spirit will reveal what sin needs to be dealt with in order that I may recieve freedom.  I must know my MASTER.  I must fix my eyes on Jesus and the rest will be dealt with. 

More to come... the Lord is revealing so much to me.  So awesome.

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  1. thank you thank you thank you. Let's push forward this week into His throne room and be eager to seek Him in ALL things. May He be glorified in your week of lordship. It's funny you want more passion when this blog shows how very passionate you are about Him and His word. Thanks for all your wisdom and encouragement tonight. I love You!