Monday, March 23, 2009


We live in a world filled with injustices and tonight my heart is heavy, angry, and broken .  Why does the media hide it?  Why are we so comfortable with our lives and so slow to fight for change?  UGH, it disgusts me.  We are all guilty of this but I no longer want to live pretending or forgetting that this goes on.  It goes on all over the world.  It goes on in places no one has ever been.  There are forgotten people everywhere.  And yet my blessed/comfortable life continues to go on, believing that for some reason I deserve this life.  

Tonight we watched some "invisible children" updates.  Invisible children is a group started to raise awareness of the child soldiers in Uganda.  If you don't know about this please look into it (, it will touch your lives and stir many emotions in you.  The stories of the children always overwhelm me and bring me to tears but tonight the story affected me in new ways.  Tonight, I know that I can do something.  I am ready to go wherever He takes me.  I am standing with arms wide PLEADING/BEGGING/WANTING Him to USE me.  I don't know what this looks like but He has a purpose for my little life.  I want to see His kingdom come to earth.  I want JUSTICE.

Tonight I was broken for innocent children.  But I was given HOPE.  I was reminded that life on earth is temporary.  That one day we will be in heaven worshipping as ONE.  These lyrics ring true of what I felt tonight:
Broken people call His name
Helpless children praise the King
Nothing brings Him greater fame
When broken people call His name
Lift up your heads 
Look on Him

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  1. loved this and what he is doing in your heart. I really miss you, get on skype---right meow.