Monday, March 16, 2009


I have witnessed my first healing.  It all started on Saturday night when me and a few friends went to the pub in town.  Phil was sharing his life story.  He went to India a few years ago and witnessed a blind man see through the power of prayer and faith.  To hear a first hand account of such a GREAT miracle was amazing.  We (i.e Americans) don't hear much of healings so I would say I am a little skeptical when it comes to them.  So, last night we went into Christchurch to go to church.  There was a guest speaker who had the gift of healing.  As this old man was sharing testimonies of people he had healed in the past year I was still skeptical of it all.  He said that many healings would happen in the room tonight and began calling specific "pains/sufferings," that he felt God had placed on his heart, up to the front.  These specific people would walk up to the front and he would pray over them with force and faith.  I was still a little skeptical.  Then, he walked over to the small section I was sitting in and said "there is someone in this section who has degenerate back pain and has for years."  As soon as he said this I thought of my team memeber and newest friend Jaclyn who has major back issues, is always hurting, and has been told by doctors that it cannot be helped.  She was sitting right behind me and we were all telling her to go up.  Another lady in the section walked up to the front, explained her issues and they did not match up with what he had said.  I KNEW Jaclyn was supposed to be up there.  He prayed over this lady regardless and then came back to the section and called out again "there is someone in this section with degenerate back pain, please come up."  Jaclyn, who is skeptical like me, reluctantly went up.  He prayed over her, everyone who was there from YWAM prayed with him, hands lifted towards her, and it was over.  SHE WAS HEALED!  She walked back to her seat with tears steaming down her face, sat with perfect posture, and with NO pain.  Still Skeptical?  People who came to church in wheelchairs were walking out with no assistence last night.  How powerful is our God?

This is the first miracle I have actually witnessed and I am still in awe.  He is alive in this place.  People believe.  Our school believes.  I believe.  I keep saying this but He is going to do big things.  I believe this will not be the only miracle I see.  Last night was just a small glimpse of the miracles/healings He is going to do during these 6 months.  I want to see more people healed...

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  1. That's awesome! I love hearing about what's going on with you!