Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Lectures have been great this week.  The speaker, Georgina, has such great wisdom and amazing stories.  It is awesome to be around someone who has the gift of prophesy and such a servant heart.  I will share a few thoughts that have been rolling around in this scattered brain of mine.

All of us uniquely reflect something about Jesus.  This is SO beautiful.  When I am around this many people who are all after the heart of Jesus it's easy to forget that I am unique.  I have to be confident in the fact that we all have different stories about who Jesus is for us and my story is going to touch a specific person.  I want to share the Jesus I have experienced, the Jesus who has touched MY life.  Hopefully me being me will reflect the glorious image of Christ.

Another cool thought was that if I am in the will of God and obeying Him I don't have to be afraid of my life.  No one or nothing can touch me until my time has come.  There will be places we will go that may seem "dangerous" and this little fact is important to know so that we do not live in fear.  

Tomorrow we get to lay something at the cross.  All week I have been asking what it is I should give to Him.  Is there something that is keeping me from obeying Him completely?  The cross is where I can lay anything down.  It is a place of healing.  Tomorrow I am going to lay down a list of lies that are fed to me on a daily basis.  It's so easy to buy into these lies but I must stand firm and remember His promises.  I am beautful.  I bring Him joy.  He is pleased with me.  I am worthy.  I am fearfully and wonderfully made.  I am a daughter of God whom He never disapoints and always protects.  The more secure and confident I am is how big my YES can be.  I want this ordinary life of mine to be lived in an extraordinary way.  God has given me a precious gift of 6 months and I want Him to transform me.  


  1. love it.
    i just finished writing something curiously similar on my blog... :)
    georgina rocks.
    so do you.

  2. you do rock ketty. and you are unique and one of the coolest people i know. i told some of my friends here the "shhh!... hush!... be quiet!" snoring story and they loved it and laughed real hard. i really miss you and i'm not just saying that to end this message. i really do.
    ti amo! bacci! ciao!

  3. Those are some awesome words katy... I love what you said about the cross and how it should apply to your daily life. You are quite a baller! Even in this nasty nashville weather today, you are still being missed. Hope your doing well!

    See you tonight at favor house devotion. I hear its your turn to share tonight so I will be looking forward to it.

    Keep serving the king.

    -nathan ring

  4. Girl.. you are blowing me away with your skills. You are one amazing blogger. I love seeing an already new you. You are and will continue to be transformed daily. I am praying for a renewing of your mind and heart tomorrow as you lay those lies at His feet. I am praying that you let them stay there. I pray that they stay crucified on that cross as you are redeemed and resurrected into life in Him. I am making that my prayer in my own life too. Thank you for such inspiration. Love YOU!