Monday, March 30, 2009

southeast asia

Last night we learned where we will be going for the "outreach" phase!  I will be spending 3 months in Southeast Asia and I am SO EXCITED.  The countries we go to are Bali, Taiwan, Thailand, and Cambodia.  There are 7 students and 2 leaders.  The leaders (Kim and Kieren) are so awesome. Keiren is from the north island of NZ and he is probably who I have become closest to out of all the leaders.  He's great. SO laid back and fun.  Kim is from the US.  I don't know her very well but from what I've seen she is AWESOME.  I'm pumped!  I'm also very excited about my team members.  Emrie is from Michigan and we developed an instant friendship the first day.  I am SO glad we were put together.  I wish that everyone I have gotten close to could all go to the same region.  Jaclyn will be heading to Africa.  Phil will be heading to AfricAsia (as we call it).  Kenny, JoAnna, and Daniel will all go to Fareast Asia.  
I am so excited for what is to come.  Now that teams and countries are set our leaders will begin making contacts in each country.  We are not sure what we will do in each country.  It depends on where the contacts feel we are needed.  What I do know is that we are going to show love to people.  We are going with the hopes of people seeing Jesus in us.  We want to reflect His glorious image.  I want to love these people with everything I have.  A love that can only be given from God.  

My heart is growing for the people of SE Asia.  I am excited to be emmersed in different cultures.  Cultures where Christianity is NOT the norm and the love of Christ is NEEDED.  My prayer is that God would continue to prepare me and my teams hearts and the hearts of the people we will meet.  

I am SO excited for the next phase but right now I am LOVING New Zealand.  I am learning so much.  The Lord is transforming me more and more everyday.  This country is potentially the most beautiful country in the world and I am living in it.  I'm loving everyday and am reminded daily how blessed I am to be here.  

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