Thursday, March 19, 2009

the world

Today we were told which specific countries each team will go to for the "outreach phase."  There will be 6 teams of 6 to 9 people heading out to different regions of the world.  I am SO EXCITED but SO confused.  Obviously I would love to go to every country but thats not an option.  In 2 days I have to turn in my top 3 choices.  I am so torn on 2 specific regions.  I want my decision to be based solely on where God wants me.  I need your prayers in making this decision.  Please pray that I will be given a CLEAR answer!

For anyone who is interested here is a list of the countries:
Southeast Asia: Bali, Taiwan, Cambodia, Thailand
South America: Chili, Argentina, Peru, Brazil OR Columbia
Africa: South Africa, Kenya, Uganda, Morocco
Southeast Asia/Africa: Indonesia OR Malaysia, Northern India, South Africa, Uganda
Middle East: India, Turkey, Yemen, Egypt OR Jordan
Far East Asia: Taiwan, China, Mongolia, Phillipines

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  1. KENYA KENYA KENYA! -that was God speaking to you. just kidding. i cant imagine how hard this would be. ill be praying for you my sweet little lamb. do you have ANY idea how much i love you?